The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Treaties signed but not ratified as of 7/10/2015

No.  Title  Opening of the treaty  Entry into force  E. N. U.
128   Additional Protocol to the European Social Charter   5/5/1988   4/9/1992        
Signature: 5/5/1998        
148   European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages   5/11/1992   1/3/1998   X X  
Signature: 25/7/1996        
161   European Agreement relating to persons participating in proceedings of the European Court of Human Rights   5/3/1996   1/1/1999        
Signature: 16/11/1998        
188   Additional Protocol to the Anti-Doping Convention   12/9/2002   1/4/2004   X X  
Signature: 12/9/2002        
202   European Convention on the Adoption of Children (Revised)   27/11/2008   1/9/2011   X X  
Signature: 30/4/2013        
205   Council of Europe Convention on Access to Official Documents   18/6/2009     X X X
Signature: 18/6/2009        
210   Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence   11/5/2011   1/8/2014   X X X
Signature: 8/7/2011        
213   Protocol No. 15 amending the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms   24/6/2013         X
Signature: 21/11/2013        

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 Convention(s) and Agreement(s) opened to the member States of the Council of Europe and, where appropriate, to the : E. : European non-member States – N. :Non-European non-member States – U. : European Union. See the final provisions of each treaty.

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