All legal acts accomplished as of 7/10/2015

No.  Title  Opening of the treaty  Entry into force  E. N. U.
015   European Convention on the Equivalence of Diplomas leading to Admission to Universities   11/12/1953   20/4/1954   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 7/10/1971 Entered into force: 7/10/1971  
016   European Convention relating to the Formalities required for Patent Applications   11/12/1953   1/6/1955   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 29/4/1966 Entered into force: 1/5/1966  
017   European Convention on the International Classification of Patents for Inventions   19/12/1954   1/8/1955   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 18/4/1966 Denounced: 12/9/1975  
020   Agreement on the Exchange of War Cripples between Member Countries of the Council of Europe with a view to Medical Treatment   13/12/1955   1/1/1956   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 19/1/1979 Entered into force: 1/2/1979  
024   European Convention on Extradition   13/12/1957   18/4/1960   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 27/9/1967 Entered into force: 26/12/1967  
027   European Agreement concerning Programme Exchanges by means of Television Films   15/12/1958   1/7/1961   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 16/1/1978 Entered into force: 15/2/1978  
030   European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters   20/4/1959   12/6/1962   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 27/9/1967 Entered into force: 26/12/1967  
112   Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons   21/3/1983   1/7/1985   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 24/9/1997 Entered into force: 1/1/1998  
165   Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region   11/4/1997   1/2/1999   X X X
  Signature: 24/11/1997 Ratification or accession: 12/7/2007 Entered into force: 1/9/2007  
182   Second Additional Protocol to the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters   8/11/2001   1/2/2004   X X  
     Ratification or accession: 20/3/2006 Entered into force: 1/7/2006  
211   Council of Europe Convention on the counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health   28/10/2011   1/1/2016   X X X
  Signature: 28/10/2011        

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 Convention(s) and Agreement(s) opened to the member States of the Council of Europe and, where appropriate, to the : E. : European non-member States – N. :Non-European non-member States – U. : European Union. See the final provisions of each treaty.

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