Treaties signed but not ratified as of 6/10/2015

No.  Title  Opening of the treaty  Entry into force  E. N. U.
040   Agreement between the Member States of the Council of Europe on the issue to Military and Civilian War-Disabled of an International Book of Vouchers for the repair of Prosthetic and Orthopaedic Appliances   17/12/1962   27/12/1963   X X  
Signature: 17/12/1962        
048A   Protocol to the European Code of Social Security   16/4/1964   17/3/1968   X X  
Signature: 16/4/1964        
051   European Convention on the Supervision of Conditionally Sentenced or Conditionally Released Offenders   30/11/1964   22/8/1975   X X  
Signature: 22/9/1966        
069   European Agreement on continued Payment of Scholarships to students studying abroad   12/12/1969   2/10/1971   X X  
Signature: 12/12/1969        
077   Convention on the Establishment of a Scheme of Registration of Wills   16/5/1972   20/3/1976   X X  
Signature: 16/5/1972        
083   European Convention on the Social Protection of Farmers   6/5/1974   17/6/1977   X X  
Signature: 6/5/1974        
088   European Convention on the International Effects of Deprivation of the Right to Drive a Motor Vehicle   3/6/1976   28/4/1983   X X  
Signature: 3/6/1976        
138   European Convention on the General Equivalence of Periods of University Study   6/11/1990   1/1/1991   X X X
Signature: 6/11/1990        
158   Additional Protocol to the European Social Charter Providing for a System of Collective Complaints   9/11/1995   1/7/1998        
Signature: 9/11/1995        
163   European Social Charter (revised)   3/5/1996   1/7/1999        
Signature: 3/5/1996        
168   Additional Protocol to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine, on the Prohibition of Cloning Human Beings   12/1/1998   1/3/2001   X X X
Signature: 12/1/1998        
172   Convention on the Protection of Environment through Criminal Law   4/11/1998     X X  
Signature: 4/11/1998        
174   Civil Law Convention on Corruption   4/11/1999   1/11/2003   X X X
Signature: 4/11/1999        
195   Additional Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, concerning Biomedical Research   25/1/2005   1/9/2007   X X X
Signature: 25/1/2005        
198   Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime and on the Financing of Terrorism   16/5/2005   1/5/2008   X X X
Signature: 28/9/2012        
211   Council of Europe Convention on the counterfeiting of medical products and similar crimes involving threats to public health   28/10/2011   1/1/2016   X X X
Signature: 12/1/2012        
213   Protocol No. 15 amending the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms   24/6/2013         X
Signature: 24/6/2013        
215   Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions   18/9/2014     X X X
Signature: 18/9/2014        

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 Convention(s) and Agreement(s) opened to the member States of the Council of Europe and, where appropriate, to the : E. : European non-member States – N. :Non-European non-member States – U. : European Union. See the final provisions of each treaty.

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